The App Design Process | POD03

Through the evolution of app design, a lot has changed; the look, functionality and tools. Fortunately the app design process has suffered little change.



Depending on the type of idea, there are different questions to ask. In the case of apps, these are some of the most often asked questions:

Is this app financially viable?

Do you have enough funds?

Has someone already thought of this idea?

What could change or made simpler?

These are just a handful of the tough questions you need to ask while you or your clients’ idea is taking shape.

Specification :

The specification is a written document that outlines the purpose of the app as well as the details of how long the project will take. Specs allow the designer to look at the app from another angle and see where they can improve, what can be altered and developed further to improve the app overall.


It’s important that everyone involved in the app’s creation discusses and understands how the it’s put together and structured. This step involves designing a rough line-based interface that takes on the basic appearance of what is intended to be created. The wireframes are the first steps in the visual design process – a place where we can see the app in its most basic visual form and isolate the specific platform requirements needed before producing the prototype.


With wireframing and specification done, we can now move on to prototyping. Tools like Invision and Marvel can be used to convert the mockups into a click-through prototype to demonstrate what the real thing would function.

Visual Design:

This step deals with the visual appearance of the application. But it’s not just making things look nice. It’s making sure that there’s a consistent and identifiable visual language throughout the application.


Once each process is down on lock, the designer start the development process. Working with others who are discipline specific to certain elements of production can not only help isolate issues, but open the designers eyes to unseen avenues, and vice versa. Collaboration is important.





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