App UI Patterns| POD07

The Tray

The Tray uses a slide or tap to open a side element (this is often with the hamburger button) but can also be launched from a different area. It is an extension of the user experience. It helps offer information and functionality with showing more advanced features of the app.

Good design should:
– Be clean
– Keep the names short
– Don’t scroll too much
– Don’t add other gestures
– Don’t overdo a good thing

The list

Its good for:
– Opening second and third level pages
– Opening or expanding details for a content section
– Enlarging images
– Opening screen or options

3 main components: The list item, Navigation bar, & Navigation buttons.
These should be consistent in style and have the same look and feel. This will provide the way finder for the user. There should be an intentional flow and no dead-ends.


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