What are apps? | POD01

There are two core questions that were asked and answered in week one’s lecture.

  1. What are “apps”?

  2. What do I, as a designer, need to know?

“App” is the abbreviation of the word application. An application is any program, or group of programs, that is designed to perform a specific function for the end user. They can also be designed for, or support other programs.

There are three types of apps that target mobile devices:

Web APP HTML (HTML5) is used for responsive web design. It’s s quick option for making existing content available via a mobile device and only needs to be built once. On the other hand, the user experience and performance is inferior.

HYBRID has elements of both native and web apps for mobile. HTML5 or hybrid (wrapped) apps are popular for internal teams that have web skills. Though this is an attractive feature, there are bandwidth issues and no unique mobile functions.

NATIVE APP runs directly on a mobile device and is specifically created for iOS and/or Android. Its user interactive and user experience is smooth engaging. It’s also faster in load time time compared to webs apps and it’s performance in online or offline mode is impeccable. Unfortunately, the native app requires development for each mobile platform and expensive.


What do I, as a designer, need to know about app design now that we have some we design experience?

  • Users expect familiar user interface (UI) controls.
  • Touch input_ gestures change everything
  • High res is taking over.
  • Time is short.
  • The real estate is tiny.
  • Context is everything.
  • Wire framing is essential.




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